The Swanston Street entrance has been the main entry point to the State Library for tens of millions of visitors for more than 160 years.

Vision 2020 will create an open, free-flowing Welcome Zone. This will encompass the Swanston Street foyer, Hansen Hall, Keith Murdoch Gallery and access to The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall.

Swanston Street foyer

The bustling Swanston Street foyer will be overhauled to improve access to this vibrant city meeting place that welcomes more than 5,000 visitors a day.

New digital technology will make it easier for visitors to find out what’s on and to navigate the Library.

The magnificent marble staircase will reopen so you can follow in the footsteps of our first visitors, towards the refurbished and reopened The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall, and marvel at the long-hidden 1920s murals that adorn the walls of the landing.

A new lift will mean everyone can easily access The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall, located above the foyer.

Adjacent to the Swanston Street foyer will be the new Hansen Hall, a collaborative working space supported by the Hansen Little Foundation.

Improved lighting, fittings and updated furniture will provide the finishing touches to this busy entrance.

Opening spring 2019.